The Weather in Kansas: Short Stories

Crista Ermiya, The Weather in KansasFrom a boy on a 1970s London council estate who falls in love with a teenage widow, to a woman running a cafe in post-apocalypse Cumbria, via a Newcastle funfair and a veiled woman looking for monsters in a library, Crista Ermiya introduces us to characters and worlds with a beguiling mix of the ordinary and the surreal. In this debut collection of stories, people from the margins take centre stage, and everyone is seeking something: love, a lost parent, or simply acknowledgement that they exist.

“There is more than a touch of magic realism about Crista Ermiya’s stories. She draws the reader into uncommon, self-contained worlds and gives voice to a horde of vivid characters whose history and fate swiftly charm us.” Kitty Fitzgerald, author of Pigtopia

ISBN 978 1 906700 997; Red Squirrel Press, 2015.